Travis Jenkins zombie apocalypse preparedness advice

travis Jenkins answers fans emails and give advice on the zombie apocalypse, defines tactical, and explains why there are so many gays.

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20 Responses to “Travis Jenkins zombie apocalypse preparedness advice”

  1. Joshua Doty says:

    That was funny. Good job. 

  2. DKGCustom says:

    I can tell you why there are SO many faggots….it’s ‘cos they’re

    Absolutely hysterical!!!!

  3. Shitbeatz McStankerson says:

    This needs to be a thing, like on the regular.

  4. Turd Burd says:

    Too funny….

  5. otm3904 says:

    Travis I understand we are talkin about Zombies but could you ask Will what
    is the best tone wood to make a stake out of to kill a vampire? Thanks.

  6. Mark Cooper says:


  7. saiyaniam says:

    God damned faggot, lol
    And 1:02 was so moss pawn 

  8. Zach W. says:

    Here comes the gun safety fags.

  9. mindcrazer says:

    I think i just saw the next president …………………
    Vote Travis!

  10. Jason Heaton says:

    This satirical parody is just too damn good! I live in the a
    liberal atheist “tree hugger”!….& this is just awesome!..You should
    make a separate channel for this guy! ROTFLMAO! Would get a following I
    bet. lol! I must know Travis’s middle name now! HaHa! Travis “Wesley”
    Jenkins? Travis “Allan” Jenkins? (Both my son’s middle names…he has two)
    Sounds like a counrty music stars name like that!…..lmao!
    Funny stuff man!

  11. Gerald Pottier says:

    Wait.w0t? is Travis Jenkins Dr. Chill’s “Tony Clifton”?

  12. John McIver says:

    Now that is milk out the nose funny, I don’t care who you R ;-) 

  13. William Auld Smith says:

    gotta be prepared

  14. cosmicdust says:

    “A Zombie can see a Glittertitty, from a mile away boy”. LMAO.

  15. groovydjs says:

    I kind of agree with you. It’s not the REGULAR fags that are so bad. It’s
    those damned HOMOSEXUAL fags that really get to me. Those are by far the
    worst kind.

  16. Challis Venstra says:

    Project Elton John. Look it up!

    Knock that shit off, you’re kicking my ass!

  17. WillsEasyGuitar says:

    Add a message to your video

  18. CJ Willingness says:

    Travis forgot some things so in the followup video he could mention it

    1) Tactical gear is endorsed by Dora the explorer and always has her
    trademark in neon colours.
    2) List tonewoods most effective in fighting the zombie apocolypse
    3) Which tonewoods are most easily inflamed by his flint.

  19. Thomas R. Bowen says:


  20. ASquared007 says:

    LMFAO. What the hell is this? XD

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