“Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords (No Capo!)

OPEN ME FOR A TIME GUIDE! :D 00:54 how to play chords 03:23 strumming pattern 1 07:02 strumming pattern 2 08:05 strumming pattern 3 12:33 strumming pattern 4 16:49 chord progressions 22:03…

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20 Responses to ““Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords (No Capo!)”

  1. Dani Zuri says:

    Thank you! Awesome tutorial! I used it to make a cover on my channel :) 

  2. Robyn Cummings says:

    Could you do Stay by Sam Smith please ? :) or any Sam Smith song really

  3. imawesomeelahh says:

    Can you please teach on how to play teardrops on my guitar ? I really love
    the song

  4. Novi Gunawan says:

    Ellen!! i am not only like your tutorials, but i like when you were rapping
    in that video too! it’s a great tutorial ellen! Waiting for your next
    tutorial =)

  5. Maggie Dong says:

    can you do a tutorial for boom clap and chandelier?? theyre my current fave

  6. vblancchuchu says:

    thank you very much!!!!!!!!
    I’ll practice every day!!!

  7. Naby246 says:

    Thank you so much Ellen =) you put so much work and effort on each tutorial

  8. Nea Vue says:

    Hi, I was wondering can u do a tutorial on just give me a reason by
    pink!!!! Please:) thank you

  9. runningmanfans says:

    Hi! I’m new learner. I wonder how hard should I ‘slap’ on the guitar string
    in order to get the sound effect like yours?

  10. Jenecar Caponpon says:

    So Fast! Thank you so much Ellen for doing great tutorials! :) 

  11. OfficiallyUs says:

    Your such a good singer and guitarist!!!
    Good job!!!

  12. Kris Juarez says:

    I have a question. During your cover, you use different strumming patterns.
    Can I just play the song using only one strumming pattern? Thank you.

  13. Ally J says:

    You’re actually the best guitar teacher on youtube

  14. Karlee V says:

    Ellen I just need to say you’re my hero! I had so much trouble with tabs
    and would give up so easily! Your tutorials are amazing, your voice is
    actually awesome unlike some people who give tutorials and can’t sing well
    (lol), you’re really pretty, AND you play the violin!! How much more
    perfect can you get?

  15. Novensia Anastasia says:

    luuuuvvvvv it

  16. 수현 임 says:

    Thank you so much! :) i like this music.

  17. Elizabeth Daniele Delfino says:

    love the tutorial now I can also teach my friend hahaha BTW can you do a
    tutorial on “Bella’s Lullaby” :) 

  18. Djzen says:

    it’ gonna be alright>>>>>
    your the best tutor …. :) 

  19. Ronit Schlam says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for all these tutorials! You rlly rlly helped me become
    a good guitar player. I was just wondering if you can do “up” by Justin
    Bieber? That would be great! Thanks again! 

  20. for3v3rfaithful says:

    BRAND NEW taylor swift song??? you guys know i had to do this. ;) 

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