Katy Perry ★ Roar ★ Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners How To Play Chords Tutorial

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13 Responses to “Katy Perry ★ Roar ★ Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginners How To Play Chords Tutorial”

  1. Danny Chung says:

    You should

  2. Kevin Jasper Dakay says:

    I dnt have an capo. :/

  3. TheClassicJammer PK says:

    Whats with all the acoustic songs?!?! Do some metal or classic rock!

  4. Danny Chung says:

    Do more cool rift songs

  5. Kevin Jasper Dakay says:

    Is it okey .w/no capo?? Plz. Reply.

  6. Chris Baldwin says:

    Have you got a 12 string in your arsenal? I just got one for my 18th today, was wondering what kinds of songs i could play that are a bit more 12 string oriented. I know of Darren Korbs bastion sound track which is played on a down tuned 12 string.
    Best regards

  7. agenthoneybadger says:

    Been waiting for this! Thanks :D

  8. itunes5569 says:


  9. burkey2015 says:

    can you do a guitar lesson on Everlasting Love by U2

  10. Nail Guitar - Song Lessons says:

    Chorus Strumming
    D x D x U U D D x

  11. KidDarkness7 says:

    Can you do some john butler trio?

  12. Ross Gall says:

    Hey I like your lessons but can you please sing in them, you don’t even need to sing you can just speak the lyrics or at least give some indication of the lyrics and guitar together, it would make it so much easier to learn and I think it would get a lot more views too. When people want to learn a song they want to see how the guitar and lyrics tie in. Thanks. Keep up the videos….now with lyrics ;)

  13. Ida Mokrovic says:

    can you please do 4 years old by chris brown

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