“Everything Has Changed” – Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran (Jasmine Thompson x Gerald Ko Cover)

“Everything Has Changed…” Available on iTunes! Honored to sing with the amazingly talented Jasmine Thompson, such…

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20 Responses to ““Everything Has Changed” – Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran (Jasmine Thompson x Gerald Ko Cover)”

  1. singindork888 says:

    Thanks Sam!

  2. Jen Tran says:

    love the duet, please do more tracks together!

  3. katewin4 says:

    This cover is soo beautiful!! Love it :-)

  4. sabrina7129 says:


  5. chasindreams007 says:

    great cover brotha! jasmine is amazing!!!

  6. Rachel Lacey says:

    Only 12??? Gahd Damn :D

  7. debra rabstein says:

    How old are you?! You sound so professional! Both of you. You guys sound wonderful together(:
    Keep it up

  8. Abeeha Batool says:

    If the word ‘beautiful’ could be put into a song, this would be it. SO good.

  9. mary rose curativo says:

    singindork888 your voice is sooo cool

  10. gaenhart1 says:

    Been a long time fan of yours, Gerald. You’re a talent worth supporting, and more so because I love the way you collaborate with other talented artists and make music that’s wonderful. Jasmine’s voice is gob-smacking amazing, and your voices fit together so very well. Amazing.

  11. Yoshua Wonnink says:

    It’s AWESOME!!

  12. Fendy Heryanto says:

    This is very amazing Gerald Ko! Your collab is flawless, better 1000x than the original

  13. Autum Love says:

    Whoa….Gerald you are so good…..awesome !!! That little girl is good too.

  14. johnnydeppman657 says:

    Wow. A very clean and beautiful cover. Her voice is amazing. Thanks for the great cover!

  15. Maryan Osman says:


  16. Joshualyn Basilio says:

    Give us more! :D

  17. bnt dxb says:

    12? omg!

  18. sabrina7129 says:

    Singindork888 your such a inspiration to me. Your voice is amazing and it just wants me want to touch the stars ;)

  19. LucentAMVs says:

    wowww 12 haha

  20. Kristen Carr says:

    OMG! so beautiful <3 you both sound great. you sound even a little better then the original <33 Plus i love Taylor and Ed good job keep singing <33

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