The Heart of Dixie – Christine Malmstrom (Danielle Bradbery Cover)

Acoustic cover of “The Heart of Dixie” performed by Christine Malmstrom. Originally by Danielle Bradbery. Guitar tutorial:

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20 Responses to “The Heart of Dixie – Christine Malmstrom (Danielle Bradbery Cover)”

  1. Glenn McBride says:

    I think its pretty funny that you have a cover up before the song is even out, haha. Good job though!

  2. indair says:

    This has to be the quickest turnaround time for a concert of an as yet unreleased song. That said, you have a unique voice which fits this song very well.

  3. sc1212able says:

    My god,she has a pitch perfect voice, I’m still blown away how quick they put this together, and did a really good job on it<3

  4. xRevilatioNx says:

    Very good!

  5. CharlesSmith367 says:

    you have a great voice! you should try covering a taylor swift song

  6. Lane Smith says:

    I transcribed it by ear. I actually had a few errors in this recording but my guitar tutorial on my channel has everything correct. I’ll post a link to the music once its accepted by ultimate guitar.

  7. arias harley says:

    wowww very good

  8. Linda Nguyen says:

    LUV Yo Voice

  9. philbio66 says:

    A cover version already? That was quick. You sound great.

  10. Christine Malmstrom says:

    Thank you very much! We were so sure that it’s gonna be a #1 we just jumped on it! :)

  11. kimdawn2 says:

    Beautiful voice. Best of luck to you guys!

  12. Kim Cirone says:

    Christine like your version very much great cover !

  13. Samii McClout says:

    Now that’s how you should cover a great song :D amazing! Seriously!

  14. deol37 says:

    Dang you are fast.

  15. heyyitseva says:

    I just did a cover of this too! You’re super great!! So talented (: Check mine out too??

  16. Res Judicata says:

    great job! this makes me appreciate how amazing danielle’s voice is. she makes it seem effortless.

  17. Perry Perez says:

    Great cover. Keep up the good work.

  18. Mikalene Ipson says:

    Great Job! I just finished a cover also! Great song :)

  19. sc1212able says:

    CHRISTINE, do you have a demo C D, please send it to me asap,I will private message you with futher info, THE STUDIO, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

  20. sc1212able says:

    NICE,great voice , How in the hell did you guys get the sheet music already, I work in the nashville music industry no body here has it yet

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