How to Play BUKO – JIREH LIM (GUITAR Tutorial) chords and strumming

BUKO tutorial. how to play BUKO on guitar strumming and chords Guitar tutorial BUKO JIREH LIM ON GUITAR ACOUSTIC LESSON acordes Tags: SONGNAME guitar tutoria…

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20 Responses to “How to Play BUKO – JIREH LIM (GUITAR Tutorial) chords and strumming”

  1. mark anthony demillo says:

    yung plucking naman

  2. Shecri098 says:

    Alam ko kun paano ung pag-ibig:)

  3. Shaina Alcasabas says:

    Can i request/favor pag-ibig by yeng c. :) ) ty

  4. Row Capuz says:

    akoy sayo at ikay sa akin lamang-first circle,,i’ll wait for that chema ;D

  5. marc sam sagmit says:

    sir can i request a tutorial of my heart will go on

  6. dionelmarwin29 says:

    Request: Walang iba by Ezra band.. Pleaseeeeee…..

  7. Kim Uy says:

    thanks bro I love you no homo :)
    I learned how to play harana ,guitara etc.. because of your tuts :) 

  8. Ziony Noizy says:

    Request: Pagsuko - Jireh Lim

  9. Royce Ramos says:

    can you make tutorials for “baby blue eyes”…..please make it simple……

  10. josh madriaga says:

    dude can you make tutorials for “panalangin” by 6cycleminds…


  11. MrPunkdragon14 says:

    0:38 thats me :) HAHAHHA

  12. honeyramz01 says:

    thank you now i know how to play it :) )

  13. Vally Mitsuki says:

    Thank you sir!
    I’ve learned a lot :)

  14. johnny rex says:

    Thank you Sir : ))

  15. mark anthony demillo says:

    nice naman

  16. russel macapinlac says:

    Sir can i request a tutorial of BUKO plucking Please Sir Thanks :) )

  17. Herminio Galanza says:

    I like it thank U so Much Tnx


    can i request plucking of buko and gitara pleasee only plucking not the other video that’s full video

  19. Royce Ramos says:

    are you a filipino??

  20. marc sam sagmit says:

    thank you your the best teaching guitar

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