Venus Guitar Lesson

Guitar lesson on how to play the 1970 hit song Venus by “Shocking Blue”. This guitar tutorial covers in detail the chords and lead solo.

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7 Responses to “Venus Guitar Lesson”

  1. redsteadyon says:

    Absolutely ace cheers Bruce, Steady…

  2. accuracyboy78 says:

    nice tone!

  3. jsteelman1000 says:

    Can you play it’s A Rainy Night in Georgia ?

  4. pugdoyle says:

    Another great lesson. Really enjoy your choice of tunes. Keep ‘em coming!!!

  5. j7777777 says:

    hi there , are you using the vox or fender amp ? jimmy

  6. smootharnold says:

    Good one Mr Bruce. Thanks very your teaching is much appreciated!

  7. jsteelman1000 says:

    Hello great lesson hit G note with pinkie finger on the Em then go to A

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