Guitar: From Galway to Graceland (Including lyrics and chords)

This is a song that two of my musical friends perform. The first time I heard it, it was sung by Sue with great emotion and more recently by Donal who despite suffering from a damaged and unusable first finger on his right hand also performed it with great aplomb. It is by Richard Thompson who says everyone has an Elvis song, and this is his. Annotations will be ready this afternoon.

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4 Responses to “Guitar: From Galway to Graceland (Including lyrics and chords)”

  1. asscobra1 says:

    the song stops an 1:05! is it my fault or is the video “broken”?

  2. mcfrdmn says:

    Lovely musical performance!

  3. threelegsoman says:

    Not the video, your connection must be iffy! Usually when this happens if you reload it should work ok.

  4. clivedavies3 says:

    another nice rendition

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