Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover)

Hey, after what feels like a million of covers here on YouTube and after I’ve been inspired by “Walk Off The Earth” and others, I thought I’d do the same those five guys did all on my own. Maybe not as impressive but at least as labor-intensive (5 hours of recording – 4 days of editing!). I hope it was worth the effort and you like my own version of “Somebody That I Used To Know” originally by Gotye. It was my intention to make it sound a bit different, maybe you’ll like it, let me know what you think! Take care, Jenny ——————————————————– FAQs: – What microphone/interface are you using? – It’s a Rode NT1-A Microphone and a Tascam US MKII Interface. – Which software are you using? – I’m using iMovie for video editing and Garageband for recording. – What

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20 Responses to “Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover)”

  1. Peahnat says:


  2. umaguma122 says:

    @MaryJen93 Sorry about Jenny :)

  3. melainlove says:

    Ich finde du machst das Klasse ! :) Ich mag auch den Sound der Gitarre.. Sehr angenehm.
     Liebe Grüße, mela

  4. soseeedesaus says:

    @ephileas Mein Satz war definitiv nicht grammatisch 100% korrekt,
    aber darum geht es nicht.

    Und Klugscheißer sind noch weniger attraktiv..
    sorry bout that ^^

  5. 4444Vali4444 says:

    good work !! :D D

  6. JackBlue1966 says:

    Great Job Jenny keep it up girl…….!

  7. omgrawr7 says:

    this is amazing o.o

  8. MaryJen93 says:

    @umaguma122 My name is Jenny, but thank you though! ;)

  9. Odbiorniczek says:

    girl, proffesional mic isnt the only thing which makes your cover good.

  10. Thorbenklaus says:


  11. bosmanica1 says:

    Who could vote “not” for this?… I disagree! I really like your film, Jenny!!!
    I wish I could do something like this someday, but for now I just learn to play guitar.

    Greetings from Poland. – Joanna :)

  12. modokrkr says:

    great version (:
    what did you use for the percussion in the song?

  13. TiinaMausii01 says:

    OMG. Du spielst SCHEISS gut Gitarre :D
    Super Video ;)

  14. pils64 says:

    Prove that you are better or gtfo

  15. SmashVlog says:

    190 people failed at making a cover like this one

  16. antknee420 says:

    Good effort, but the timings that you used messed with the song too much. Just my opinion, I really don’t think a simple good tune can take too much manipulating.

  17. emmyls1 says:

    Really great cover!

  18. ephileas says:

    @soseeedesaus Ich schmeiß mich wech xD
    U made my day ^^

  19. slhewson says:

    Beautiful x

  20. northyinzer says:

    You did a great job honey…

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