Part of Me by Katy Perry (Acoustic Guitar Cover)

***Chords and lyrics below! Hello friends! This was another requested cover. It’s a pretty catchy song, and it sounds nice acoustic, in my opinion. Please keep those requests coming – If you’d like to hear me sing a particular song, please visit my channel’s “Ask Your Audience” box! Stay tuned, more covers up soon! Kevin Facebook: Twitter: Chords are simply Em/G/C throughout! Lyrics: Days like this, I want to drive away Pack my bags And watch your shadow fade Cause you chewed me up And spit me out Like I was poison in your mouth You took my light You drained me down That was then And this is now Now look at me This is the part of me That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no This is the part of me That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no T

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20 Responses to “Part of Me by Katy Perry (Acoustic Guitar Cover)”

  1. ldr2471 says:

    I wish you had stripped it down a bit more, but your voice is unmistakably brilliant. I’m a fan.

  2. AFVideosFan says:

    i really like this kevin ;) 

  3. cklauren says:

    this deserves so much more views

  4. 92eddysmith says:

    Love it!! :-)  Fantastic job, vocal harmoies are fanastic and the whole thing is just genuinely great!! thanks for the comment on my vid btw :-) i have sucribed back

  5. Bea69TriceAbina says:

    ahhhh i just want to attack you with love!!!

  6. DeborahMays says:

    love your cover
    i have this on repeat :)

  7. bikkilovesmuzic says:

    why don’t you sing live?

  8. johnbisaac93 says:

    You have a very good voice.

  9. Bea69TriceAbina says:

    I <3 the soft part part at 2:18 & on =D

  10. dReAmInGiNxCoLoRx says:

    i love you and your singing
    very good :3
    - amanda from germany

  11. 1992rockstarr says:

    7 people need to drive away

  12. NatalyBernal1 says:

    great job! this is very sweet = ) Please check out one of my covers and tell me what you think

  13. jeanettejellybean says:

    WOW! YOU ARE AMaZING. Can you do a thousand years by christina perri?

  14. iheartmusic49 says:

    @dreamergirl202 me too !

  15. dreamergirl202 says:

    can’t stop listening to this : )

  16. guitargurl819 says:

    why so many dislikes?

  17. forgt0564 says:

    i am so obsessed with this!

  18. rayoflight1834 says:

    handsome boy…beautiful voice

  19. fanadelrey78 says:


  20. XxHowDidSheGetHerexX says:

    this cover is amazing!
    You did such a good job :D

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