Learn to make music acoustic beginner guitar song melody lesson techniques & build unique chords

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20 Responses to “Learn to make music acoustic beginner guitar song melody lesson techniques & build unique chords”

  1. Zed1967 says:

    3:14 Em Add 2
    I’m a bit confused, is the Add 2 the same chord as the Add 9 chord like what is used in the song by The Police – Message In A Bottle? I know the 2nd note is the same as the Add 9 note but the Add 9 is a whole tone above the octave where as the 2nd is a whole tone above the root. In short, are these chords classed as different or the same even though one note an octave apart? Search for Andy Summers – How To Play: Message In A Bottle to see what I mean.

  2. Helsling says:

    You should do a 12 string video. ;D

  3. TheNightRomer says:

    Thankyou for this lesson.

  4. dmike03 says:

    Damn Dave…..I would love to just sit and jam with you for hours. Are you still in your band? if so are we ever going to get to see any live video’s of them? Thanks dude I always dig your lessons,

  5. wearblackclothes says:

    When ever I go from one note to an e major it doesnt flow evenly or smooth

  6. zombiezombie1977 says:

    great lesson and…the dog is a fucking nature’s masterpiece…:)))

  7. luvz2sploogeify says:

    @AdolfoLol123 nope, more like 12th. lol fail

  8. ashley86697 says:

    Good stuff, as usual, cheers for the lesson. And now that dog! what choco beaut . he is. Always loved Labs and boy do they return it to you big time. Great to see you with the lesson mate, and your pooch, well that’s just worth the price of admission right there! Cheers mate!

  9. Charly08600 says:

    Thanks for this lesson, Good Teacher ;) From the Good People

  10. rush2795 says:

    Is it wrong if that dog turned me on a little?

  11. raphael77ful says:

    I love labradores and especially chocolate and black ones i gotta say u have a nice dog

  12. MilesE94 says:

    My name is Miles!!! Unfortunately im not as cool as that dog though :/ sweet lesson btw!

  13. TheELDUDERINO76 says:

    DT great lesson, you’ve done it again!!! Funny though my dogs run from the room when I’m playing :(

  14. CobaltRaine says:

    F*** YEAH!!! Awesome as always, so sick of the Cmaj to Cadd9 that finds its way into just about every song I write. I recognized chords from so many songs in this one progression from Tears For Fears ‘Pale Shelter’ to Pink Floyd ‘Welcome to the Machine’ and DT’s my fave teacher here, he always gives me something I can use right then and there, and the dog not wanting to be on camera, COMEDY. Thanks Guys.

  15. DelornificatioN says:

    Love David Taub, but isn’t it time for more advanced stuff?

  16. 13BeatKing says:

    Awesome vid! Thanks for the attention to detail!

  17. dsxfablequest says:

    JUST in time, I was getting bored with the common chord progressions as a beginner player… Great lesson! I learned a lot from these videos! Never stop posting videos!

  18. zckbarbara says:

    You got a new Dog,how beautiful he is. I remember Samantha,your first,she passed at the same time as my beloved dog Elsa. She loved to listen to my Guitar Playing and and danced to my strumming.All the best with this new friend.Your Lesson is great,as always.Thanks for Your Time and Effort,i follow every Lesson religiously.

  19. TomPandolfino says:

    Awesome dog! :)

  20. mrkkitson says:

    Nice. I like your approach! Helps a lot to see these ideas reinforced. I’ve been trying all this stuff, but not with these chord combinations. Love the Taylor, by the way…

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