Give me all your luvin – Madonna (cover)

Madonna – Give me all your love – funny and very stupid cover facebook: twitter: Give me all your love – Madonna (cover) Madonna’s new single Gimme all your lovin’ featuring MIA and Nicki Minaj Madonna will perform this song at 2012 superbowl during the halftime still waiting for the official video, i think lyrics are quite right….if you need a tutorial / lesson on how to play Give me all your love by madonna, you can find the chords i used down here :D chords i used: capo 4th fret verse: DGA bridge: DCG CG chords: D4 FCG lyrics: LUV Madonna YOU You wanna I see you coming and I don’t wanna know your name LUV Madonna I see you coming and you’re gonna have to change the game YOU You wanna Would you like to try? Give me a reason why Give me all that you got Maybe you’ll do f

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20 Responses to “Give me all your luvin – Madonna (cover)”

  1. RobaVecchia says:

    bravo!!! io ne faccio circa 100/150 litri all’anno

  2. TheKloszard says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the shitty original ;(

  3. MrNasko37 says:

    ha ,ha,
    ha crazy

  4. talexal says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Good

  5. MrDnl78 says:

    ammazza che occhio!!!! e si è il bidone per fermentare x la birra fatta in casa

  6. TNSPL07 says:


  7. aquamanuy says:

    i love it!!!!! could you shre the tabs with usss??????? ;)

    a 10 for the cheerleaders! but they should wear shorts skirts! :P

  8. LAMIKE80 says:

    l’ho riconosciuto perchè anche io con amici abbiamo fatto la birra :)

  9. leftyla says:

    This video got me all hot and sweaty.

  10. MrDnl78 says:

    ahahahhahahah it is true, this video is better than the original!!

  11. soilofk says:

    Great job guys!!!!!!!!! I love the song!!!! long live the QUEEN!!!

  12. MrDnl78 says:

    @oTANINJAo  there is always a party at our house

  13. LAMIKE80 says:

    ahahaha grandi!!! CIoè ma quello è il contenitore per fare la birra in casa??? :D

  14. MrDnl78 says:

    You can bet your ass friend ;) )

  15. mediasansnom says:

    This Song Is So Fun!

  16. b2511 says:


  17. Vlum88 says:

    Very good, guys.

  18. MrDnl78 says:

    listen to the drummer, now 2:53 changes his voice and laugh guitarist

  19. EnriqueGlam says:

    Es mejor, que el video de madonna..!

  20. RobaVecchia says:

    @LAMIKE80 si, ci servivano strumenti rumorosi per il batterista :D

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