4 Chords, 28 Songs on Guitar

My fourth “4 chords” video in which I give an example of some of the many songs that can be played using the same four chords. My 4 chords guitar lesson: My 4 chords piano lesson: 4 Chords, 19 Songs – 4 Chords, 21 Songs –

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20 Responses to “4 Chords, 28 Songs on Guitar”

  1. Leonie100000105 says:

    I WANT MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS! *_______________*

  2. jamie28tucker says:

    pritty awesome thanks, its cool your helping out the guys and gails learn guitar.

  3. VandalTM says:


  4. HanyghaelJasmine says:

    I really really like your videosssssssssssssssssss

  5. 1shavidal says:

    you are just amazing!!!

  6. bluejellybelly47 says:

    what’s the strumming pattern for sparks fly?

  7. gertibitchin says:

    Sir, for using 2 Your Favorite Martian songs, Basshunter, and Zeppelin, you win my internetz for the rest of the week.

  8. smiffydoodle says:

    Someones getting smarter with youtube – loved this video…made me laugh.. well done

  9. heysam22 says:

    1 person can’t figure out the 4 simple chords xP

  10. hiddejan13 says:

    Holy shit when I saw you used A song of macklemore I just yelled no way! Man that’s awesome you are awesome! Subbed and liked and favorited! Love you man! No homo

  11. Megatallicaupyourass says:

    for me all are the same song…may i say good job??

  12. Shaperrs says:

    <3 your so awsome :D haha

  13. TreyArmstrong01 says:

    You should have put Hey Ya by Outcast in this.

  14. sjoerdtenbrau says:

    Like a boss!!

  15. aCardboardTube says:


  16. DIGDIGGY01 says:

    your aaaaaaawweeesssomme!

  17. MsHarnit says:

    Wow! you’re cool! :) ))

  18. marcellosiphone says:

    wow this is awesome!

  19. Kisserfy says:


  20. fridasuperman says:

    omg, so FUCKING amazing!

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