Lou Pallo jazz guitar chord and inversions lesson part 2 Les Paul Trio guitarist

In this Next Level Guitar.com exclusive Lou Pallo of the Les Paul trio teaches some jazz chords and inversions. ‪ – more info on Lou ‪http ‪ – more info on the CD ‪http – over 1000 guitar lessons, jam tracks, chord library, and more!

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20 Responses to “Lou Pallo jazz guitar chord and inversions lesson part 2 Les Paul Trio guitarist”

  1. wongsol says:

    Awesome…simply awesome and beautiful guitar playing.

  2. Plechfako says:

    u said george benson twice man haha ah

  3. punisher0113 says:

    OMG this is exactly what I needed! all my videos on my channel have jazz chords like this and I’m glad I learned a few more progressions and chords. also he isn’t even a teacher and he’s better than all of nextlevelguitar! short and simple!


  4. BradMasterBater says:

    I feel like I no something about guitar playing after wTching this guy :0

  5. MenaceDemENACE says:

    Great Playing !

  6. ZeitZuGehenMusik says:

    Amazing. The skills, the talent, the music…”molto buono!!!”

  7. rootboyslim says:

    this guy is the bomb, I hope to see more lessons from him Thanks

  8. Pittsisamazing says:

    @hatten755 vide?

  9. leifert3 says:

    This is a fantastic video! Thanks Lou and Dave! :)

  10. TheRealDaKing93 says:

    So many chords, so many ways to play them.

  11. hippiejamsession says:

    looks like he is jacking off while describing the dude 0:31

  12. powaypwnage says:

    wow cant believe you guys got a legend like this to give us a lesson!!! really great topic too to improve my playstyle.

  13. qwertyuiop46853 says:

    Amazing lesson, I especially enjoyed when he showed how much can substitutions and inversions really enhance the essence of a progression.

  14. InuzukaCds says:

    This guy is a freaking beast! I wanna learn a ton of inversions now too!

  15. southamericanrocker says:

    wow… thank you!

  16. Rafterman123 says:

    I LOVE how he just plays the stuff slow once and then just gets straight into it! I get SO sick of teachers spending 10 mins explaining an A power chord over a simple 4/4 rhythm for the 1,000th time!…. Other teachers may have even already taught this stuff, but I get so bored I just leave and go watch some videos of cats attacking people… Thanks Lou for not making me sick (and teaching me something very useful!)

  17. hawg427 says:

    Now this is a Master Guitar Player. I don’t see how he can spread those fingers at his young age. LOL I guess he has NO arthritis at all. A very Blessed man.

  18. csl316 says:

    Fantastic, a true master. Inspiring, too. Makes me want to get back into jazz lessons.

  19. Ailasor says:

    sounds like bob ross.. =) awesome video

  20. DevaXfish says:

    thks Sensei(^o^)
    happy new year

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