Anyone can play guitar easy beginner acoustic lesson with strumming patterns chords & changes

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20 Responses to “Anyone can play guitar easy beginner acoustic lesson with strumming patterns chords & changes”

  1. 62rome says:

    awsome thank david.

  2. HitaroX says:

    @croKingRIncho93 I know arpeggios and tapping very well (of course I know chords and other easy stuff) I haven’t seen anything like that uploaded lately… I need to learn more, I’m making an album for my senior high school project (I’m a junior right now)

  3. XxTerosoLxX says:

    This is really helpful since I’m a beginner! Your teachings have really helped me with my fingering in playing guitar cords. I took private guitar lessons before and my teacher never taught me to keep my fingers together while cuffing my hand when playing. Thank you! I signed up and subscribed!

  4. TheELDUDERINO76 says:

    Great video! Although I’m going to have weird dreams about someone saying “down up down up up down up..” aaaaaaaaahhhhh. Nice work Mr Taub :)

  5. mrozik162 says:

    @zackster542 Play with your feet.

  6. biohagard says:

    keep rockin…nice

  7. IdaLovingMiro says:

    ★Hope someone will get to see this! ★

    Hi, my name is Ida. I come from Sweden and i’m 13 years old. I put up covers on youtube.

    It’s very, very hard to get noticed because i’m not alone with doing this things. And i know, comments like this is very annoing and people can call you spammer and lots of things. Sure you can do that to me, i’ll accept that.

    If you don’t want to say that, please check out my videos on my channel.
    Please press “THUMBS UP” so everyone can see this!
    Thank you!

  8. Carl481 says:


  9. HitaroX says:

    this channel needs more intermediate-advanced level lessons PRONTO :D

  10. sudhindrak says:

    Great to see an old virtual friend back on YT.. Hi Dave!!

  11. missystu says:

    I love that Taylor. What model is it?

  12. MasterxMorgan says:

    Nice new camera!

  13. baloons4satanists says:


  14. croKingRIncho93 says:

    @HitaroX totally agree! I know the chords (open and barre) and some patterns and some palm mute and chucking… need more tricks and maybe some solo for acustic..

  15. Eviltoast567 says:

    @thenoparkingchannel you win at life :D

  16. tiddlestoot says:

    @thenoparkingchannel And you got it, well done

  17. redneckblacklabel says:

    lessons for a beginner from a beginner.

  18. dibnah46 says:

    it says ‘easy beginner acoustic lesson’ in the title. if you don’t want to watch a beginner lesson and your gonna bitch bout it being to easy, don’t watch it. simple!!!

  19. KingGitthew says:

    Thanks for posting in HD :)

  20. knox8705 says:

    This is like the 75th video of beginner acoustic lessons you’ve posted dude… I think you got this particular area covered bro. hehe

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