Guitar Chord Stickers

Want to learn to play guitar the easy way? Go to to find out more about this great new product that the Axis of Awesome heartily endorse, Guitar Chord Stickers. Re-usable stickers for your guitar that show you how to play those chords you want to play!

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20 Responses to “Guitar Chord Stickers”

  1. monkeygurl13 says:

    I didn’t think you guys could get more awesome. But a Labyrinth shirt? ….. <3

  2. pocoyoeatspajarito says:

    @KRPunK77Guitarist The chords are actually E, B, C#m, A, (Since it’s in E major).

  3. BjornTooth says:

    Okay… do they come in ukulele size?

  4. xXiObscureXx says:

    But will it blend?

  5. BrosephTheSunGod says:

    Do they only include basic chords like c, g, em, etc. or do they more advanced chords as well? Either way that’s pretty cool!

  6. KRPunK77Guitarist says:

    @BuzzCrash ohh k

  7. timcummingsqwerty says:

    @Ap1ck me too bro….me too

  8. doubtfulwinner says:

    Kala baritone ukulele? Good choice Lee.

  9. TheInunah says:

    What are the chour fords?

  10. TheAlien30000 says:

    @TheInunah I was gonna say that

  11. InfinityEnterprises says:

    I-V-vi-IV in the key of E (E Major, B Major, C# minor, A Major)

  12. nix207 says:

    @dramasticlyclever pretty much.

  13. KRPunK77Guitarist says:

    @BuzzCrash they state the chord progression in the beginning using the standard roman numerals. the chords are C, G, Am, F

  14. SurviveAndAdvance says:

    Four are the chords… what?

  15. dramasticlyclever says:

    I-V-vi-IV thats it you mastered music

  16. GuiFinder says:

    21 *o* e PLOONTOOOO !

  17. TheCamaroJoe says:

    What are the four chords?

  18. Ap1ck says:

    man i wish i had my guitars back.

  19. carbonecko says:

    Haha, I see what you did there…

  20. BuzzCrash says:

    @KRPunK77Guitarist I know, I was just, you know, because they said stop asking

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