Beatles You Can’t Do That cover & chords – Greenbeatriver & DaBeatleMen1

Continuing my John Lennon tribute this month, here’s one of his songs, first released as a single in 1964 and one month later included on the album A Hard Day’s Night. As a novelty in my videos, this time the drums are included, courtesy of Greenbeatriver (check out his other drum covers on his channel!); I played Paul’s bass part, John’s “lead” (including his wild solo) and George’s “rhythm”; notice that George played his part on a 12-string electric guitar, and he actually played the G chord as a barred chord on fret 3, but I played it on fret 7 (open D shape) to get the more important high-pitch notes. The chords shown in the annotations describe John’s part, but George played the same chords, only on different positions. The audio of the bass was sent directly to a computer (while reco

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20 Responses to “Beatles You Can’t Do That cover & chords – Greenbeatriver & DaBeatleMen1”

  1. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @92dufy: Jeje, gracias, pero genios los Beatles, que escribieron la música :)

  2. 92dufy says:

    exeltente amigo sos un genio

  3. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @TeamMastaPr2: I haven’t decided, but I might do a bass tutorial later on :)

  4. lukeboaro1 says:

    @DaBeatleMen1 He plays very well! :D

  5. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @milan1499: Gracias!

  6. lukeboaro1 says:

    Great JOB MAN !! hahahahahah ! :P Awesome .

  7. milan1499 says:


    …- Edder

  8. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @SuperBloodsnake: Danke :) Grüsse und frohe Weihnachten!

  9. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @HaloBeatles101: Thanks :) 

  10. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @oscarlara97: Gracias :)

  11. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @lukeboaro1: Obrigado! But it wasn’t just me, Greenbeatriver is a good drummer :)

  12. johnkew says:

    Nice, good work fellas!

  13. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @johnkew: Thank you, Greenbeatriver did a great job!

  14. Mongoschlaumeier says:

    I always enjoy your awesome tutorials
    And I wish that one day I can play as well as you… Peace and love from Germany!

  15. TeamMastaPr2 says:

    @DaBeatleMen1 I always wished for this, with the bass part especially! Thanks now I can learn it :)

  16. oscarlara97 says:

    I love this song! especially Lennon’s voice and guitar! Great Video!

  17. HaloBeatles101 says:


  18. SuperBloodsnake says:

    Great Cover!

    btw thank you for your lessons =)

    Greets from Germany ((°j°))

  19. legolas35653 says:

    sorry bt this is vary inacurate , its in all the wrong positions !

  20. DaBeatleMen1 says:

    @Mongoschlaumeier. Freu’ mich! Danke für den Kommentar. Frohe Weihnachten =)

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